SafirEyes Birmans
Raleigh/Durham/RTP, NC ( North Carolina)

About Us

I grew up with dogs, breeding and showing. 

Then when my kids got kittens, I fell in love with them. We lost our first cats at 16 and 19 years. My daughter asked for a white blue eyed cat for her 21 st Birthday. I did my research to find out what this wonderful cat I had 19 years was. I came to the conclusion she was much like a Birman. 

So I found a beautiful Birman for her birthday from the president of the Sacred Cat of Burma Club. We all fell in love with Grayson. We showed him and he is a Grand Premier.

I asked him to help me begin breeding. He entrusted me with the half sister to our Grayson. Her name was Bella. She was the mother of my three Queens.

We tragically lost her when giving birth. We miss her so much but see her in her daughters.

My husband and I work from home with our grown children often here. 
Our babies are given a lot of time and attention from the time they are tiny babies. All of our cats are our pets and roam free.  The litters are kept in our bedroom with us.

Raised underfoot is an understatement. We love these little angels.

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